A Great Celebration!

On June 4th, on the grounds of Easton Bible Church in NJ, a group of almost 100 people came together to celebrate 35 years of God’s blessing on this ministry. The local Saints family enjoyed fantastic weather, tasty food, and catching up with some familiar faces from the past. One of the lasting images from the day was three long-time veterans from our basketball team together, as Bob Newcomb, Kevin Harvey, and Bob Hellyer compared war stories!

We enjoyed hearing Bob chronicle what it has meant to him to see the ministry grow since his initial involvement in 1988. Executive Director Frank Zeidler shared key components of future ministry opportunities, particularly the growth of the Church-Crusade partnerships and the relationship forged with the Geo Group. In between, the Saints family was blessed by Kevin Harvey, Director of South Jersey FCA, sharing how much the Saints Prison Ministry meant to his spiritual walk, along with a challenge from God’s Word.

Praise God for His providence and sustaining work over 35 years – His power reflected in His ministry!



Indiana Crusade

Our journey took us to  Plainfield CF, Westville CF, Pendelton CF, Correctional Industrial Facility, New Castle CF and Heritage Trail CF. We played in front of 377 prisoners, of which 372 stayed to listen to the gospel. We handed out over 350 copies of the gospel of John and were blessed to witness 53 men indicate they asked Christ to be their Lord and Savior for the first time!

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Did you know that your old vehicle can help us?

You can make a lasting impact on an inmate’s life by donating your used car to The Saints Prison Ministry. It doesn’t matter how old it is, what shape it is in, or even if it runs – we want your car!

For more information, email us at [email protected]