Team Statistics

80% of inmates will not attend a formal religious program, but they will attend an athletic event in large numbers. SPM uses athletics to fuel attendance at these events, but our true purpose is to reach men and women with the Gospel ofvolunteer_img Jesus Christ, allowing them to experience the transforming power of God’s love.

For that reason, the Team Statistics listed do not show free throw shooting percentages, or batting average. These statistics reflect the “success” of our teams in drawing people to Jesus and leading them to the foot of the cross.

Team statistics include how many men or women attended a particular event, how many of them stayed to hear the Gospel presented clearly, the number of inmates who made a profession of faith at that event, and the number of Gospels we distributed at that event.

Our Sports teams are made up of all volunteer athletes who love the Lord Jesus Christ and strive to represent Him in everything we do. These teams minister seasonally to inmates around the country in basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

2015-16 Basketball
Team Attended Stayed Professions Gospels Distributed
New Jersey 509 465 28 292
Pennsylvania 1295 1240 24 630
Annual Totals 1804 1705 52 922

2015-16 Soccer Season
Team Attended Stayed Professions Gospels Distributed
New Jersey 300 180 18 255
Colorado 337 271 51 287
Annual Totals 637 451 69 542

2016 Lady Saints
Team Attended Stayed Professions Gospels Distributed
NE Region 132 130 16 145
SE Region 341 341 24 347
Annual Totals 473 471 40 492

2016 Softball Season
Team Attended Stayed Professions Gospels Distributed
NE Region - New Jersey 619 356 58 583
NE Region - Pennsylvania 1868 455 57 1025
SE Region - Illinois 589 589 126 548
SE Region - Middle GA 1025 760 125 1395
SE Region - North GA 759 759 72 986
SE Region - Virginia 740 489 36 585
Annual Totals 5600 3408 474 5122

All 2016 Crusades
Team Attended Stayed Professions Gospels Distributed
Heart of Dixie 665 450 66 1542
Columbus 992 967 116 532
Citrus Country 2 1185 590 31 308
South Carolina 567 304 33 237
Altoona 1300 460 31 209
Adirondacks 643 375 94 585
Wisconsin 1137 997 108 1095
Annual Totals 6489 4143 479 4508


All the news, scores, and highlights can be found by Liking our page on Facebook!

Basketball team is heading to the Finger Lakes!  Finger Lakes 2018 will see our basketball crusade visit 5 prisons in 4 days, and in just those four days we expect to preach to almost 1,000 men! Please begin praying for the trip now: the men who are going the families they leave behind, and the inmates that God is already preparing to hear the Gospel!

Softball crusades are open to every one!  Crusade destinations include Colorado, Indiana, and Florida and these are not limited to current missionary-athletes. If you love softball and Jesus, visit the crusade website for more information

Our NJ Soccer team is having a recruiting day on May 19th.  If you have wondered what it is like to play a sport you love…in prison…for the Kingdom, now is your chance! Any soccer player who has a relationship with Jesus Christ is welcome to join us for one day in a PA prison. But time is fleeting and paperwork has to be done, so contact the Saints office now at 609-845-3197 for more information

All the news, scores, and highlights can be found by Liking our page on Facebook!

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