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Inmate Letters_Fall 2015

I hope and pray that this letter finds you all in the best of
God’s care! I would like you to please pray for me and my
family. I’ve been incarcerated for 21 years and there is no
one on the outside helping my wife and family. They need a
lot but I really need your love, support, and prayers. We
benefit from all The Saints do and we look forward to seeing
you again. You give us hope and love! Keep on doing what
you do and don’t change a thing!
-Marquis V., Bibb CF, Alabama

Thank you so much for your continued love for me! I have
recieved a birthday card every year now for I don’t know
how many years. Praise God. I enjoy reading “The New
Creation” newsletter. This card found me in a low point of
my life. I sit in “the hole” waiting my punishment for sins of
the flesh. I’m okay and will be okay. I just wanted you to
know how God used your ministry to touch a prisoner 2,000
miles away. Thank you and praise Jesus!
– David L., Colorado Territorial CF, Colorado

Thank you very much for the birthday card and the support
from you. I pray that all of you are doing well and continue
to do so. I’m doing as good as I can and taking everything
one day at a time. Once again, thank you for your support
and birthday wishes. Hope to hear from you soon.
– Gary F., Carson City CF, Michigan

Just recieved the birthday card you sent. You never fail to
send one to me! Thank you. You uplift my spirits when I
truly need it. Oh, and thank you for your newsletter also.
I’ve been going through some trials and tribulations as of
late. Things just don’t go right for me lately. Seems as I get
closer to home, everyone in my family has been fading
away. I try not to let it bother me for if I did, it would bother
me until I go bald or just go crazy. So this card and newsletter
were uplifting at a time when I really needed it.
– John H., Orleans CF, New York


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Saints Prison Ministry Basketball team is gearing up for 2019 season!  We’ve had the first meeting of the year but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun!  The season begins right after the new year but practices are starting now.  Come out and join the most exciting way possible to share the love of Christ – playing a game you love!

But time is fleeting and paperwork has to be done, so contact Jimmy Cochran now at 770-286-2812 for more information

All the news, scores, and highlights can be found by Liking our page on Facebook!

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