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Do I Have To?

by Kandis Homan, Missionary-Athlete, NE Lady Saints

This may not sound good, but I did not want to go on The Saints trip on October 24th. We were notified that the schedule had changed – from just a few hours to all day long. We would now be traveling from about 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.; more than a 12 hour day. That is a long day to be away from my girls! I was very discouraged and since I did not raise enough support I didn’t think I would be able to go anyway.

Then later that same week The Saints received a letter from one of the inmates from our previous visit. Because it was specific to the NE Lady Saints, the office forwarded it to all of us via email. I will let the letter speak for itself, but the letter hit me pretty hard.

“I was one of the attendees at the volleyball game. Not only did I enjoy the game but I also enjoyed the kind spirits of the players. Afterwards I was prayed for and I think it was
#44 who prayed for me. I shared my personal experience with Christ and she really made me feel better. I told her that I just lost my brother in August who was openly gay and I too have struggled for almost my whole life with homosexuality, and it’s allowed my faith to waver. I know that this is a big issue, I know because I grew up the church. Me and my family attended religiously, but I feel lost now. Like when I do find courage and time to pray, I don’t know if God hears me or not. I’m writing because I received a card from you and I’m interested in your Bible studies. Thank you!”

I am #44 and I remember praying with this girl! She was the only one I had enough courage to ask if she would like me to pray with her. (I am not someone who likes to pray in front of people but for some reason I just did it!) Needless to say, I cried after praying with her because it was so sad to hear her say she thinks God hates her because of the decisions she has made in her life. God loves us all and he really wants us to just love him back! He will always be waiting for us to accept His gift to us no matter how many times we spit in His face! He is an amazing God and I was truly humbled when I read this letter – I had no idea how God was working that day to impact her life. God is using all of us at The Saints Prison Ministry in powerful ways!

And yes, of course I went in October!

12th Annual Charity Auction!

The Saints 12th Annual Charity Auction in late September was fantastic! A spectacular venue – complete with sharks watching as we ate – and The Saints family joined together to make this event truly memorable.  Thank you to all who attended, bid online, or sent in donations to help us minister to inmates around the country!  Enjoy the pictures and plan on joining us for our next gala event!

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It may seem like we are stealing our ministry mantra from the back of a shampoo bottle, but in this case the process is more similar than you might think.  Our Citrus Country 3 crusade was so successful that we are jumping back in with both feet and heading to the same area of Florida…in just two weeks!

Yes, from June 23-27 the Saints will be conducting the SONshine State crusade in central Florida.  We will be ministering in four prisons in four days – two that we visited in April (Polk CI and Hardee CI) and two that we have not visited in more than 15 months (Sumter CI and Zephyrhills CI).   You might ask why we would go right back to the same area, so I’ll answer the question in advance…they asked us to!

We received a tremendous response from the previous crusade, including an email directly from one of the wardens to our Director!  The entire region was buzzing with news of our visit, so we decided to “reward” them for hosting our team by jumping right back into the experience again.

We ask for your continued prayers for all involved, including:

– the 14 Missionary Athletes who will make the trip

– the families they are leaving behind

-the inmates that we will encounter on the yard

-the staff at each facility

-traveling mercies

-health/safety for everyone

Most importantly, pray that the gospel is preached boldly and penetrates the many hearts that long for a Savior!

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