Inmate Letters

Thank you so, so, so very much for the birthday card.  I must say that during the time that my name was being called, for mail call, I was in a depressed mind state, and feeling like no one thought of me and remembered my birthday.  But my Heavenly Father and you guys showed up, and made my day, and I want to truly thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.  Enclosed with this letter are words of encouragement for Rev. Tom Cox.
– DeAndre F., Kewanee Life Skills Re-Entry Center

Prayer for comfort and hope in the darkness of prison.  SAINTS!!  Thank you so much for your ongoing encouragement throughout the years.  I cannot thank you enough.  Every year on my birthday I am reminded that I have not been forgotten.  Peace and love!
– Carl G., Eastern CI East

Thank you for the birthday card, means a lot.  Also thanks for your prayers and support.  Your thoughtfulness is truly a blessing, especially in moments of despair.”
-Trevion E., FCI McKean, PA

Thank you for the birthday wish and the New Creation pamphlet.  I was very surprised when I looked at the address.  As for me, the usual.  Just hoping and praying to one day have the chance to walk out of this place.  I’ve kept my faith throughout these 21 years and to me it doesn’t matter how much more I have to sit and wait my faith in God won’t fade away not now, not ever.  Well thank you again and may God bless everyone at Saints, bye!
-Edwin DeJesus, SCI Benner, FL

In writing I can not express the warmth and joy the birthday card brought to my “spirit”.  I thank you for the card and for being my best friends, for I love all those that love and do the will of our Lord Creator and Savior Jesus Christ.
– Norman H. , Ware State Prison, GA


Indiana Crusade

Our journey took us to  Plainfield CF, Westville CF, Pendelton CF, Correctional Industrial Facility, New Castle CF and Heritage Trail CF. We played in front of 377 prisoners, of which 372 stayed to listen to the gospel. We handed out over 350 copies of the gospel of John and were blessed to witness 53 men indicate they asked Christ to be their Lord and Savior for the first time!

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