Inmate Letters

THANK YOU!!!!!  For remembering my B-Day .  I wasn’t expecting this lovely card coming from Saints Prison Ministry.  54 years young!!!  Is still a big blessing from the Lord and Savior AMEN.  I’m also sending y’all my sincere greetings of peace and love during this time of total devastation around the world with this very ugly CORONAVIRUS.   Our country isn’t looking good right about now!  However, I’m still believing Scripture 1 TIMOTHY 2:8.  I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.  John 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled:  ye believe in GOD, believe also in me. So YES!!!  I’m standing on the only thing I can stand on and that’s the Word of GOD AMEN.  I’m hoping and praying that you’re standing with e and agreeing with me on this topic of praying for the world healing asap?  The power of prayer is truly powerful…being incarcerated at this present time is rough.  All safety procedures are being taken for all inmate and staff members!!  Social distancing and masks on 24/7 Amen.  To be very honest with the ministry?  I don’t know when we’re going to play another baseball game around here, or have another big gathering of men.  Keep us in prayer and I’ll do the same for y’all on the streets.  Please stay safe and CORONAVIRUS FREE.
– Lenny M., SCI Frackville, PA

This is my first time writing you guys.  I should have done so many times ago. I am writing to thank you for sending me a birthday card.  Every birthday since Tucson, AZ to Petersburg, VA and to my present facility of Seagoville, TX, I have received a card from the Saints on my birthday.  Thank you so much.  It’s been a long time since I received a birthday card from anyone else outside.  Most of my family have gone to be with Jesus.  Some just don’t care anymore.  The Saints never forget and I am blessed to be connected with such a fine organization of friends.  The memories of playing against the team in Tucson, AZ and Petersburg, VA will always be etched in my heart. You guys couldn’t play softball here.  You all hit too many home runs and they would have to shut down the whole yard. I’ll never forget your kindness and your prayers.  Be well and be safe, God is still on the throne.
– James V., FCI Seagoville, TX

Thank you for remembering my birthday again this year.  I turned 50.  My second 25th birthday…As the years go by, less people remember this day and it means so much that you do.  Also thank you for coming to see us and play ball.  I can’t play, but I love to watch the game and hear your ministering. I spend my time writing to people that have less fortunate situations than I.  My celly’s nephew died from overdose, so I minister to his sister who was the you man’s mother.  That’s one example of many.  Anyway, I look forward to the day I can help with ministry from outside the jail fences.  Incidentally, I was born and raised in Woodbury, New Jersey!  I lived in South Jersey for 31 years.  I used to attend Gloucester County Community Church when it was in a movie theater in Pitman, NJ.
– Paul B., SCI Waymart, PA

I am very thankful for your birthday cards in which you all have sent me all through the years along with the Creation pamphlets.  I have enjoyed each and every card and pamphlet you all have sent me. I am sorry that I took too long to reply back to you, all moving from institution to institution.  I go up for parole in August of this year, will you please pray that I will be able t make it (God willing).  I love you all and I miss you all, the good time playing softball and watching you all play against the d/m in the gym.  It was fun along with the Word of Life.
– George J., Broad River CI, SC

I sincerely hope this letter finds the entire Saints Prison Ministry Family well in health and high in spirit, as for myself and the prisoners here at Lincoln CC with you all well during this difficult time. I will also like to extend our thanks to you all for sharing time with all prisoners around the world, especially those times you all came to the prison to play baseball.  The presence of you all touched us in so many ways, and through the prayers that were given, God heard them and blessed us in this journey of incarceration. Thank you for the birthday cards you all send out each year, hopefully when I am released we will continue to communicate and perhaps have service together.
– Michael B., Lincoln CC, IL

I just wanted to say thank you to everybody involved in your ministry.  It has been a breath of fresh air getting to play softball with you guys these past few years.  It is nice to interact with people that genuinely care about your well being and are not sinister in nature.  I’ve been locked up for 8 ½ years.  This is my last year here.  I will be home for Christmas. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the birthday greetings you send me every year.  This year really hit home with Isaiah 40:31.  I have been blessed with a family that loves me and a great support system and there is no doubt in my mind that this was my first and last time in prison.  There is also no doubt in my mind that without the strength God has given me day after day, I would still be the same thought process I had when I entered this place. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life and will be forever grateful to you guys for the part you played in my rehabilitation.
– James E., Centralia CC, IL

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the card you sent me for my birthday.  I hope and pray that this short letter finds you all in the best of spirits, well and health due to this situation that we are going through because of the coronavirus.  This is all for now.  May God bless you all and continue to prosper you all in every area of your life.
– Ramon M., SCI Phoenix, PA



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