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Supply Chain Blues
By Tom Gibson, IL Saints Softball Coach

Here’s the deal: when there is a nationwide shortage on random supplies, it is bound to catch up with everyone eventually. Despite the stockpile of toilet paper and ranch dressing that we have here in the Mind of Gibby headquarters, we find ourselves short overall on a few critical things. So, grab your Sam’s Club card and let’s go hunting for some much needed – and hard to find – things for our ministry!

Pencils – Ok, you didn’t expect to see this one, did you? We use pencils to have the men and women we visit fill out response cards, which in turn generates follow up packets, birthday cards and a newsletter. If we don’t have those graphite sticks, it is hard to capture that information. Are we low on pencils? Not yet, but at the rate they get left in hotels and vans, we should start looking now! That leads us to our next item…

Patience – I’ve been on several trips and have managed to test the patience of pretty much everyone I’ve come in contact with. Let’s face it, 2022 is a year that we will really need some patience. Maybe you have a rookie on the team who doesn’t pay attention to the 3rd base coach. You will need patience. Maybe your Crusade roommate snores like a Caterpillar D10 bulldozer. You need patience… and earplugs! Maybe you are the editor for the newsletter and the one guy who has a consistent column is three weeks overdue for his 500-word article. Let’s hope that guy has some patience!

Cattle – This item actually has us really nervous. We are an athletic ministry that refills our hungry missionary athletes on mostly cheeseburgers. If we can’t find cattle, we won’t have cheese or burgers! However, the most unnerving cattle shortage issue of all is having to explain to Butch Smith that we might not have ice cream on Crusades!

Honey Mustard Pringles – This isn’t ministry related, but I can’t find them on the shelves here. If you find some, please mail them to the Mind of Gibby office located at 2200 W Nebraska Ave, Peoria, IL 61604.

Rest on Crusades – I just came off an intense trip to Indiana. We were a little short on ballplayers so all of us who went got to play… a lot! By the end of the trip, we were all a little banged up and could have all used a little more rest. Thankfully, there isn’t anything to do in Indiana in the evenings, so we did manage to get some sleep!

A Few Good Men – Some of us, including me, are starting down the slippery slope we like to call “being over the hill.” We could use some fresh new legs to join the ministry to help us out on the long prison visits. Just in case you were wondering, we could use some mid-twenties athletes, in a size Mike Trout or Joel Embiid.

I’m not sure what the rest of 2022 will hold but if you happen to see any of these things while you are out and about, let us know!


Indiana Crusade

Our journey took us to  Plainfield CF, Westville CF, Pendelton CF, Correctional Industrial Facility, New Castle CF and Heritage Trail CF. We played in front of 377 prisoners, of which 372 stayed to listen to the gospel. We handed out over 350 copies of the gospel of John and were blessed to witness 53 men indicate they asked Christ to be their Lord and Savior for the first time!

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