Inmate Letters_Summer 2015

I was out in the yard today and sat down next to the ball field on the visitor’s bench – the bench where Saints Prison Ministry players sat when they came to visit us.

When I sat down, I looked up into the heavens and said, “I love you, God”.  (I love this part of my day!)  I asked God “can I do something for you?”  My attention became focused on where I was sitting, where your men would be sitting if they were here.  God was drawing my thoughts to you and your ministry.  How you treat us when you come visit and how you are treated in return – limiting access to the inmates, keeping us locked in our dorms so the Saints players cannot talk to us as they did in previous visits.  So I asked God, “Do you want me to write to the Saints?”  And now, this letter to thank you for the love you have for us criminal inmates.

I am not inviting you back – nothing has changed so you still only see a handful of men – but I want you to know that we still carry you in our hearts and your words still ring in our ears.  Your work is saving many souls and it is appreciated.  May God always be with you – and tell Him you love Him every day.

  •  William S., Ventress CF, Alabama

 I want to show my gratitude and thankfulness for the nice birthday card you sent me.  Just when I was getting ready to give up a beautiful birthday card arrived from the Saints!  I didn’t think anyone loved me or thought about me anymore but you do.  And I care and love you guys too.  Thank you for cheering me up!

  • Raymond G., Rutledge SP, Georgia

 I pray that each and every one of you brothers and sisters are well.  I received your card for my birthday and I just had to write to show my deepest and sincere gratitude because I felt good deep inside my spirit and heart when I got it.  Thank you!

I’ve been keeping up with my prayers and I must admit that, with a bit of patience, I have seen some of those prayers answered!  It was an honor to meet your basketball team when you played at Graterford, and the testimony was very spiritual and alive.  I want you to know that I enjoyed and so did the others.  I love you all, brothers!

  • Justino Z., SCI Coal Township, Pennsylvania

 I’m so happy to hear from you again!  I received your birthday card  a few weeks ago and the message inside was one of the most heartfelt and encouraging I have ever received.  Thank you so much for never forgetting those who have sometimes been abandoned by their own loved ones.  Thank you and all the brothers & sisters at this wonderful ministry for your support.

  • Juan P., Upstate CF, New York

Virtual Celebration

In October we hosted a virtual celebration, Manna in the Wilderness!

If you missed it, you can watch it now!

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