The Right Question

By Jim Orr, Saints supporter

My brother-in-law, Butch Smith of the NJ Saints, recently visited my home state of Indiana to share his testimony with inmates here.  When he asked me if I’d like to attend some softball games inside of prisons I thought: “Sure, what could be more fun than going into penitentiaries and watching guys run around a baseball diamond in the 90 degree Southern Indiana heat, to the cheers and jeers of inmates who’d rather be almost anywhere else in the world?” 

Wrong question. What I found was an answer to: “What can be more rewarding than witnessing a group of men share their testimonies to those most in need of receiving the Gospel?”   The humility exhibited by Butch as he shared his testimony observably touched those privileged to be present. Yet I was reminded that our own individual (wayward) stories are significant only insomuch as we can share with others how even the lowliest–in the saddest of states–can receive the greatest of Gifts.  It was truly a spectacle of grace in action.

Incidentally, God won.

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Covid-19 takes a backseat

As a ministry called to introduce inmates to Jesus Christ,  the current culture dictates that we are ministering to a predominantly minority population.   It is important that we recognize this, even as we acknowledge that the Good News of Jesus Christ’s atoning work is free to all.

Even as protests appear to be waning in some areas, it is escalating in others.  The issue of racism in America is as relevant and important today as it was the day George Floyd was heinously murdered on the streets of Minneapolis.

It has become expedient that I address the racial climate of today, and express what we believe as regards to racism in America  and our response as believers.  To that end, I invite you to click on the link below:

Open Letter from the Executive Director

Serving Him gladly,


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